We have Nine Rattan Pendants available for Hire in varying sizes from large to small.

Your hire will come complete with a Rattan Shade, Edison Drop in either black or white and a Filament Bulb.

Hire singularly with an individual plug on the end or if you are hanging multiple shades use in conjunction with our festoon system.

Singularly Rattan Shade: Large $65, Medium $60 and Small $55.00

Three: 5 metre Festoon cable, 3 Shades, small, medium, large with Edison Drops and Bulbs $225.00

Six: 10 metre Festoon cable, 6 Shades; 2 each of small, medium and large with Edison Drops and Bulbs $350.00

Nine: 10-20m Festoon cable, 9 shades with Edison Drops and Bulbs $585.00

Additional $20 for an RCD Safety switch and multibox which must be used for Safety purposes. All lights are tested and tagged.