Cane Pendant Lights

We have Nine Rattan Pendants available for Hire in varying sizes from large to small. Your hire will come complete with a Rattan Shade, Edison Drop in either black or white and a Filament Bulb.

Hire singularly with an individual plug on the end or if you are hanging multiple shades use in conjunction with our festoon system.

Get in touch and we can help you work out the best option available for you and your venue.


Rattan Shade with Drop and Plug:

Large $65, Medium $60 and Small $55.00

Hang in a row:

5 metre Festoon cable, 3 Shades with Edison Drops and Bulbs $225.00

10 metre Festoon cable, 6 Shades, with Edison Drops and Bulbs $350.00

20m Festoon cable, 9 shades with Edison Drops and Bulbs $585.00