Custom made and designed by us, the vintage cut glass decanters date back to the 1970's once filled with whiskey or wine.

Your original Decanter Pendant looks fabulous hanging on their own, or for more of an impact hang them in a cluster of 3 or 5, or hang them in a row off our festoon cable.

Perfect for over a bar or dance floor.

We source our original vintage decanters from second hand stores around NZ so each decanter is unique. The bottom is cut off for air flow so the decanter pendants don’t get too hot.

We recommend no more than a 25W Bulb (bulbs are provided with your hire). Costs below are an indication; if you are looking at something different or after a custom design please get in touch for a quote.

Singularly: $25.00 includes your Decanter Pendant, 1m of cable cord in black or white with a plug on the end.

Cluster of 3 $100.00

Cluster of 5 $150.00

Decanter Festoons; 10 Decanter Pendants hanging from a festoon cable, (choose a length of cable to hang the decanters on; lengths 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m length. Only one plug to reach your power source.

Cost: $250.00